House of Antibodies

a co-production by backsteinhaus produktion Theater Rampe and Theater Lübeck

Graphic: (modification of »Human heart for Cycles« by daylanKifky – CC BY 3.0)

What if a virus were not just a serious attack to an organism? If it did not lead society into a collapse, but out of it? What if this friendly visitor brought reanimation as a present and his infection was a long-awaited touch? If the virus tasted sweet? The inhabitants of HOUSE OF ANTIBODIES reinterpret the pandemic and mutate, thanks to the virus, into resistant antibodies. They are relieved when it breaks down disease-causing standards and habits. This virus brings neither illness nor death to the organism, but – quite the contrary – healing. This pandemic imposes a quarantine over society, overcomes previous periods of standstill and isolation, and marks the beginning of a brave new world.

A double feature of two films tells of the virus breaking into all rooms and organs of the HOUSE OF ANTIBODIES.

In COCOONING /kəˈkuːnɪŋ/ (dance film) the virus brings its sweet gift to the cellar, where a kidney is doing its lonely hard work until then. In the bathroom a lung is barely able to breathe and in the living-room a uterus is always ready to receive. The heart beats everywhere and swells with the rhythm of a resuscitation. From room to room and from organ to organ, the virus pushes open doors and also the circulation.

In PANDEMIE – A REVENANT (theatre film) the virus leads a female doctor and patients through the extensive labyrinth of the stage rooms of the HOUSE OF ANTIBODIES. In common quarantine they indulge in all the phases of the examination, diagnosis, education, treatment and corresponding interactions. From mutual infection, immunisation, endangerment and healing the model acrrues a hardheaded, resistant and proud community.

The HOUSE OF ANTIBODIES initially was planned as a live performance on five simultaneous stages for a a circulating audience. Due to the intrusion of a virus and the outbreak of a pandemic, this concept could not be implemented. Rather, it was imperative for everyone to stay at home and so the participants communicated online. Under influence of the applicable hygiene standards, dancers*, actors* and musicians* rehearsed in their apartments in Stuttgart, Antwerp, Richmond, Marseille, Berlin, Weinstadt, Munich and Hamburg as well as in the Theater Rampe. With their mobile phones, partly with the support of their respective domestic communities, they shot many scenes themselves. This is how the virtual HOUSE OF ANTIBODIES came into being.

Funded by the Doppelpass Fund of the Federal Cultural Foundation, by the Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg and through the Foundation of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.


(theatre film) 0:38h

only available in German language  

a film by
Marie Bues, Niko Eleftheriadis, Marie Ulbricht, Annatina Huwiler und Luise Heiderhoff with text from Natascha Gangl

director: Marie Bues

camera and cut : Niko Eleftheriadis

with: Marie Ulbricht and Niko Eleftheriadis

set design: Annatina Huwiler

music: Siri Thiermann

film support: Christopher Bühler

project coordination: Luise Heiderhoff

project management: Isabelle Gatterburg

dramaturgy support: Martina Grohmann

technical direction: Max Kirks

workshop management: Stephen Herther

sound technic: Timo Kleinemeier

technic: Sebastian Fürst, Christoph Schmitz, Alex Weidle

public relations: Kathrin Stärk

production management Theater Rampe: Siri Thiermann and Anna Widmann (FSJ)

Management Theater Rampe: Franziska Stulle and Kati Trinkner

with special thanks to  NAF/Nana Hülsewig for “Casta Diva”, Matthias Zajgier and Matthias Kaschig for camera support in the isolation and the Kaschig and Ulbricht families for letting us use their private rooms as film sets.


(dance film) 0:39h

a film by backsteinhaus produktion

Nicki Liszta, Heiko Giering, Isabelle von Gatterburg, Tobias Tönjes, Christopher Bühler, Annatina Huwiler, Chloé Beillevaire, Steven Chotard, David Ledger, Andreia Rodrigues, Ferdinand Roscher, Monika Roscher

special thanks to the original team:
Martina Grohmann (Theater Rampe), Anja Sackarendt (dramaturgy Theater Lübeck), Laura Dreyer (stage assistance) and Theater Rampe’s technical team. 

special thanks for spontanious help to Clara Paulau y Herrero for building Cocoons, Florence Carron, Jean-Marie Beillevaire, Barbara Hackenjos, Myron McAdory, Famillie Ledger, Anne Reijniers, Griet Pauwels, Jochem Baelus, Miroslav Kochanek for help with filming and set design in the different countries during the lockdown.